t OpenField - She plays by NFL rules in NFL stadiums. She wins world championships.

They played by NFL rules in NFL stadiums. They won world championships. They’re at the top of their game. What else do they have to do to level the playing field? Meet quarterback Sami Grisafe, San Francisco 49ers coach Katie Sowers, and other legends of women’s tackle football who played for the love of the game against all odds. With commentary from Hall of Fame running back Franco Harris and 49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan, OPEN FIELD tells the story of the women who leave everything on the field in their drive for greatness, earning recognition and respect.

Winner of film festival awards for Best Documentary (Berkshires, Alexandria, Flathead Lake International Cinemafest, SoCal Film Awards), Audience Award (Flathead Lake International Cinemafest, Riverside) and Best Feature (Through Women’s Eyes).

Starring: Sami Grisafe, Katie Sowers, Kyle Shanahan, Franco Harris

Directed By: Kathy Kuras


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Sami Grisafe

Team USA World Champion Quarterback and Two-Time World Championship MVP

Katie Sowers

First Woman to Coach in a Super Bowl (San Francisco 49ers) and Team USA World Champion

Franco Harris

NFL Legend and Pittsburgh Steelers Hall of Famer, Co-owner Pittsburgh Passion

Kyle Shanahan

Head Coach
San Francisco 49ers

Linda Bache

Owner, Chicago Force

Star Wright

Owner, Philadelphia Phantomz

Andra Douglas

Owner, New York Sharks

Teresa Conn

Owner, Pittsburgh Passion

John Konecki

Head Coach, Chicago Force and Team USA (2010, 2013); Coach, Team Australia (2017)

Robert Turner, Jr

Running Backs Coach, San Francisco 49ers

Jim Walker

Head Coach, Redlands H.S.

Mike Mauger

Freshman Coach, Redlands H.S.

George Kittle

Tight End, San Francisco 49ers

Angel Smith

Defensive End, Chicago Force, Team USA

Cassey Brick

Running Back, Chicago Force, Team USA, Team Canada

Darcy Leslie

Linebacker, Chicago Force

Lisa King

Commissioner, Women's Football Alliance

Allyson Hamlin

Quarterback, DC Divas, Team USA

Rosalyn Bennet

Offensive Line, Chicago Force

Kristy Moran

Running Back, Chicago Force, Team Australia

Odessa Jenkins

Running Back, Dallas Diamonds, Dallas Elite, Team USA

Liz Sowers

Wide Receiver, Kansas City Titans, Team USA

Tracy Day

Offensive Line, Chicago Force, Team Australia

Kim Marks

Defensive Line, Chicago Force, Team USA

Lisa Horton

Quarterback, Pittsburgh Passion, Team USA

Keesha "Taz" Brooks

Offensive/Defensive Line, Chicago Force


The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for OPEN FIELD is written and performed by Sami Grisafe, award winning performer and star of the documentary, along with co-writers and producers Eren Cannata (Demi Lovato, Andra Day) and KOIL PreAmple (Timbaland, Mos Def).